My Journey with Rapid Transformational Therapy.



It used to feel like my mind controlled my thoughts, not me. I found myself thinking thoughts that I didn't want to be thinking, but I didn't seem to have much control over it. I could try to think about something else, but my mind would just go back to thinking what it had been thinking before. 

It wasn't until I learned about Marisa Peer and Rapid Transformational Therapy that I understood that our minds are unfiltered until we are 7. We don't question what we are told, we just take in those beliefs, whether they are helpful or harmful. 

With RTT, we can command our subconscious mind, which remembers everything that ever happened to us to take us to the event(s) in our lives that caused us to form beliefs that are causing issues in our lives and critically examine what we made that event mean. With our adult wisdom, we can gain an understanding of the situation and reframe it so that it doesn't mean something negative about ourselves.

I have seen clients experience incredible transformations with RTT. Issues they had for years were eliminated, sometimes after only one session. There have been times when it is hard to believe that the person I am speaking to on the 21 day follow up call is the same person I spoke with during the consultation. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of RTT.

I am deeply grateful to Marisa Peer for sharing her amazing process with the world. It has allowed me to assist others in creating unbelievable changes in their lives, leaving their issues in the past, and becoming totally different people as a result.