Prior to working with Cindy, I felt completely lost. I was utterly disconnected from the core of my being. I had grown sad, disappointed, and frustrated. Fear was leading my life. I had fallen into a pit of despair, deeply riddled with abuse, trauma, and grief, that I could not see how I could ever escape the depths of my personal misery and torment. I knew I have something profound deep within me just waiting to be unleashed, but I had no idea how to access it. 

When I began working with Cindy, I felt apprehensive and uncertain, but also incredibly hopeful. Cindy had been placed in my life for a reason, and I was not going to let fear stand in the way of achieving the greatness I knew I deserve! When we first began working together, Cindy did an amazing job of explaining what RTT is, how it works, and what I could expect from our sessions. She compassionately listened to my concerns and authentically sought to understand me, my adversities, and my aspirations.

Although I felt afraid going into the therapy work, Cindy was incredible and quickly put me at ease. The session was not easy. I was bewildered at the memories that emerged. Although the session was very emotional, I was amazed at how effortless it felt to review everything that surfaced for me. Cindy did an outstanding job of shining a light on a few very defining moments in the early parts of my life which had formed the deeply limiting subconscious beliefs that had led me to a life of disconnect and turmoil. While shining a light on these defining moments within the session, Cindy affirmed the truth of who I am Soulfully and began to reprogram the limiting beliefs that have prevented me from living my greatest life. Towards the end of the session, she revisited each memory and reaffirmed the real truths learned within each, then provided me with a recording so that I could listen to it each night to strengthen my new understanding of my true worth.

Working with Cindy has been the most profound and positively life changing experience I have ever had. I immediately was able to trust my intuition and instincts in a way that I had not ever remembered before. Over time and with continued practice of listening to my recording, I continue to feel more peace, ease, and confidence. I have an inner knowing of my worth that I never before knew was possible. I have experienced an immensely profound transformation in my life, and I have Cindy to thank for that. I am definitely looking forward to working with her again. The work that Cindy passionately performs, the energy and love that she exudes, and the complete life transformation she helps facilitate are second to none. I cannot properly express my gratitude and admiration for Cindy and what she does for others and through her work with RTT. If you have breath in your lungs, you absolutely must work with Cindy! She is an astounding light in this world and has a spectacular ability to help you start living the life you were born for!

Meg L


The first thing I want to say about Cindy Payne’s work is that the embrace of safety I feel in our sessions is truly stunning.  Cindy brings uncommon compassion, acceptance, and loving wisdom to her work with clients, qualities borne in the crucible of her life experience and her own healing.  I have been around the block with therapy, as well as being a long-time meditator, so I am no stranger to turning within.   Cindy’s capacity to lead me to the depths and to be present with me there is remarkable.  Perhaps the most amazing aspect of my work with Cindy is that she leads me home to the self I was before any wounding.  I emerge from our sessions empowered to live from that knowing.  It doesn’t get better than that.

 Ani Tuzman, writing mentor and author of Angels on the Clothesline and The Tremble of Love: A Novel of the Baal Shem Tov.  


Cindy, thank you so much for my amazing session. I felt so at ease with you and so much trust in you which enabled me to open up and really get to the root of why I hold myself back and sabotage myself. I was so impressed with your warmth, kindness and passion for what you do. OMG You really cracked me open, dug out the weeds and put me back together in the most beautiful way.  I really can see a way forward now. I believe I really can do and have it all. I can visualise the life I want, and have dreamed of for so long, and I've already made so much progress already in this short time since my transformation. 

I'd highly recommend you to EVERYONE! Thanks again Cindy.  I am so grateful!

DM, Scotland


I've had decades of therapy.  Tried to logically reason with my mind.  Floundered and fallen over and over.  Been extremely hard on myself because of the belief that the harder one tries the better the result. Sometimes progress, but nothing ever healed the pain. Then I met Cindy. I have had one RTT session with her. I feel re-born from deep within. My desire was to be the authentic me that had been hidden behind a life-time of being a 'pleaser' because of childhood and adult CPTSD.  I am now truly connected, redirected and restored to being the person I was born to be.  Rapid Transformational Therapy works. For everyone! Back to Dr Cindy Payne.  What insight, empathy, understanding and perception she possesses. I  related to her immediately and felt totally at ease with her as a person and with her approach as a therapist. After an RTT session, Cindy gives you a recording to install the achievements, changes and healing.  It is a delight to listen to.  It has grounded into me, physically, emotionally and mentally the healing I so desperately needed. It provides me with the daily affirmations that there is no turning back now. Still listening to my tape every day and can't bare a day without it. My session with Cindy really has changed my self doubt into self belief. I am no longer searching for my idenitiy. A few struggles along the way that only help me to realize just how much change has already taken place.   

Donna C


Thank you Cindy Payne for an amazing experience. Cindy listens to your FULL story before she sets you up for her program so that she can make it the very best experience for you. I was able to manifest money twice early on and open up other channels that were unexpected. The communication was always open if I had any questions throughout the entire process. Once we were finished, we had talked a little more and Cindy was willing to work in other areas that I had blocks in. She sent me papers that we had discussed as well. Cindy is a wealth of knowledge and I highly reccomend her! 

Kathy S


Absolutely love Cindy Payne. She is very gifted and truly cares of your well being. She provides a safe and comfortable space, and goes above and beyond to help you pinpoint new beliefs and intensions that will empower you.

So grateful  she is here sharing her gifts to empower amazing woman. I am now using my voice and studying under Dr Sues Energy Coaching Course Thank you again for working with me and creating my recording. I am so pleased and happy with the expansion in my life and the synchronicities of speaking my truth.

Christina P 


I have a miracle to report that I received with the help of Cindy Payne, who provided the Rapid Transformational Therapy to get me here. Here, is confident and feeling incredible, and feeling valued, no longer feeling I'm a BOTHER! Thank you Cindy!
Before, I was hesitant in my "asking", concerned that I am a bother, learned that from my parents, "don't bother your mom, she's busy, don't bother your dad, he might get upset". Anyone else remember those sayings from their parents?
I knew what I have to offer is needed, that was not the issue, it was the actuality of feeling like I was a bother. Whether in business or in my personal life, I just didn't want to ask people for anything, not help, not to ask my spouse or kids for what I want.
This put a big stop on my business, as I am a coach, afraid to "ask" people to sign up with me. I had to get past this, so I have been working in therapy, etc, but it wasn't changing...
After one session with Cindy, I felt so different! I started asking, and subsequently, booking long-term clients. Feeling confident with communication with my husband, friends and adult kids.
I no longer feel that I am "bothering" people. I have things to share.
Thank you Cindy

Lisa P
Prior to working with Cindy, I had the feeling that I was stuck, although I really worked on myself and my money mindset all the time. Nothing changed. After I worked with Cindy, I do not feel any sense of internal lack. I know its coming and it is coming. I sold my book to 50% of the people at an event and am continuously selling, so as wished, passive income is entering. I love Cindy's clear and analytical approach to find the right topic to work on. I have booked another session with her and recommended her to a friend. Thank you, Cindy, for your support. 
Shirin M