The Answers Are Within You

Our subconscious beliefs form a blueprint that our mind must follow. What if you could access your subconscious mind and find out exactly what is keeping you from creating what you want?

Most of our beliefs are formed by the time we are 7 years old. Part of our beliefs come from what we are taught and what we live. So if your parents argued about paying bills, or seemed stressed when they did pay the bills, you might form a subconscious belief that there is never enough money. If your parents were constantly telling you that money doesn't grow on trees, you might form a belief that money is hard to come by. And if someone gives an older sibling more money than they give you, you might form a belief that you are less worthy or valuable than others. We have many subconscious beliefs we aren't aware of that are interfering with our ability to do whatever we want.

If you could hook a keyboard and monitor up to your subconscious mind and have someone program in the most beneficial beliefs, would you hire someone who was 7 or younger? Someone who adopted every belief they were taught without questioning whether it was really true? Or a wounded child whose negative emotions about an experience caused them to form a negative belief about themselves that wasn't even true when viewed from a wiser, adult perspective? No! Because you, as an adult, have the wisdom to examine a belief and determine whether or not it is really true, and if it is serving you.

Your mind's job is to do what you tell it. If you tell your mind that money flows to you freely and easily, and you don't have a conflicting subconscious belief, then money will come to you freely and easily. However, if you were the child who formed the belief that you weren't worthy of as much money as others, or that you were less valuable than others, you can say any affirmation about money as many times as you want for as long as you want, but it won't work. The mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs! Your subconscious beliefs MUST match your conscious beliefs or you will continue to be conflicted around money.


Your conscious beliefs are not the same as your subconscious beliefs. You can consciously believe that you deserve to earn as much as you want, but if you don't believe it on a subconscious level, it creates conflict. So even if you go through a process where you write down what you believe your limiting beliefs are and say affirmations of the opposite, it will only work if you subconsciously believe what you are affirming.